Safar - Kathmandu, Nepal


Gender communication is political commitment to diversity; gender communication has aesthetic dimension.

There has been a rapid increase in number of women in the workplace as entrepreneurs, managers, bankers, and computer experts but still the ‘glass ceiling’ continues. People’s beliefs and attitudes as well as global policies on communication technology (ICT) for international networking and sharing of information, and analysis of ways where communication policies, telecommunications and ICTs impact the development of women. There are still millions of women who have minimum articulation in community discourse and thus the speech circuit is seldom complete. This conference seeks to highlight the nature of and impact of gender communication and development from frontline corporate world to singing voices.

SAFAR is organizing a day-long conference on Gender, Communication and Development. A conference on this particular theme is a useful resource for exploring the complex interactions of gender epistemologies, subjectivities, and sexualities. The discussions will benefit by understanding how communication and development are shaped, reflected, and expresses in terms with interpersonal, organizational, rhetorical, and media environments.

The speakers are from Nepal, Bangladesh, India, UAE and USA.