Safar - Kathmandu, Nepal


Asian Studies III

March 27-28, 2022

Community and Environmental Studies


The third conference on Asian Studies focuses on community studies and environmental studies. The conference covers the following areas:

  1. Community: Gender, City and Village
  2. Environment: Society and Nature
  3. Interface of Community and Environment: Art, Religion, Ethnicity, Law

The study of community focuses on women’s issues, problems of urbanism seen from the points of view of the oddities of settlements, and comparativism of urban settlements and village social organizations.  Environment covers issues related with both social and natural surroundings and how these two spaces are in critical relationship with one another.  We will also focus on the interface of community and environment from the disciplinary locations like Art, Religion, Ethnicity, Law and many other relevant locations of knowledge.

The discourse on Community and Environment can lead to understanding value system to comprehend societies at large. Community is the underlying structure of social functioning and Environmentalism is the global problem which begins with local spaces to the treatment of nature in planetary scale.  Thus we try to connect the local with the global to communicate how value system can be addressed. These two coordinates, Community and Environment, require not only a separate discursive platform but also a coordinated critical thinking, a discursive interface of the two with relativist approaches. Furthermore, the conference will also address associated areas like art, literature, and philosophy. 

Kindly submit your abstract for the following areas:
• Community and Value system
• Environment and Society
• Environment and Nature
• Interface of Community and Environment

The editorial board will select the abstracts for further paper presentation.

Registration fee: NRS. 5000 for Nepalis, US $100 for foreigners (the fee includes lunch for
two days and conference kits)
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